Custom PVC Products

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Custom PVC Patches Labels Supplier

Our Rubber PVC (polyvinyl chloride) products are made from a soft and flexible rubber that can be molded to virtually any shape and color, with detail separated by thin, recessed lines. Our PVC products are waterproof and can withstand cold temperatures, making them ideal for harsh outdoor use. Custom molded, flexible, and light-weight, these patches are good for designs with fine lines or tiny lettering.

We use rubber pvc to manufacture soft rubber PVC patches and PVC labels, PVC keychains, PVC coasters, PVC zipper pullers, PVC luggage tags, PVC fridge magnets and more. they can be made with a 2D or 3D design as per the drawing or sketch.

PVC is a waterproof and weather-resistant material, and as a result PVC translates into wonderfully durable plastic products. They are the alternative go-to for outdoor gear, such as camping equipment, covers and outerwear. As with all of our products, our pvc products are custom-designed to your specifications.

  • Custom PVC Patches

  • Custom PVC Labels

  • Custom PVC Keychains

  • Custom PVC Zipper Pullers

  • Custom PVC Luggage Tags

  • Custom PVC Coasters

  • Custom PVC Gifts

  • Custom PVC Tags

  • More Custom PVC Products

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